What to do with half-full peanut feeder?

Apologies for what sounds like a duplicate question but the situation is a bit odd. I have a standard mesh feeder for whole peanuts and it attracts all the usual birds including greater spotted woodpeckers and parakeets however, once the feeder level reaches about half the woodpeckers and parakeets seem to stop eating the nuts. I am assuming it has to do with not being able to position themselves properly to peck at them. I would like to refill the feeder but what do I do with the leftovers which have been out for almost a month? Should I just leave them on the ground for the squirrel to take? Seems like an awful waste having to chuck out 50% of the peanuts. Or maybe I'm supposed to throw them out after 4 weeks anyway? I'm not keen on kibbled peanuts as the starlings will mob it.

  • gintoki_uzumaki said:
    Seems like an awful waste

    I guess the squirrels would disagree...

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    Guess I'll give it to the squirrels
  • I've found the Woodpeckers hang onto the base of the feeder and eat the nuts all the way down. What is the bottom of your feeder like?

    Richard B

  • I've also never had issues with woodpeckers failing to clear the remaining peanuts. Also, worth bearing in mind, parakeet (non native) and GSW (generalist predator) populations are booming. Starling populations continue to decline.
  • Another thought.....do you keep topping the peanut feeder up? Best to let it run down, so nuts in the feeder are always as fresh as possible.
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    Sorry for the late reply, the website didn't send a notification email!

    3 days after I posted my question both the male and female woodpeckers returned to eat the peanuts, possibly due to the snow. It's a standard mesh feeder from wilko without perches and in this photo you can see the GSW feeding at an angle. They haven't come back since I don't think... It seems like once it goes below half they don't like putting the extra effort to position themselves differently. Either that or the peanuts aren't tasty to them anymore and I need to change them.

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    Hi Robbo, again I'm sorry for the late reply.

    I do understand that starlings are red-listed but I'm concerned they will constantly try to get inside the caged feeders and eat all the peanut kibbles (if I buy them). Although I am going to put mealworms out for the thrushes soon so they may go for those instead. I think I will try out the kibbled peanuts method after my current supply of whole peanuts runs out - 2 kilos! I usually wait 4 weeks to refill the peanuts and it is almost always half empty by that time if the squirrel doesn't nibble at it.
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    I seem to recall that someone on this forum suggested putting the top of one of those tall cylindrical cans (eg an aerosol) inside the feeder to raise the level of the peanuts. Sorry, can't remember who it was.
    However, I think the low level in the feeder would not put off the woodpecker from getting the peanuts. It could simply be that the woodpeckers have moved on. They can be heard drumming in the woods at this time of year so may be preparing for the breeding season.



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    Yes I came across that post but was again sceptical since it looked like the person jammed the cap into the feeder, certainly worth a thought though.

    "preparing for the  breeding season"

    That's something I've never considered, you could be right!

  • Could you empty the old ones out, fill half way with new and then put the old back on the top? That way they will get eaten....