Improving peanut feeders

One of the problems with conventional peanut feeders is that the nuts at the bottom of the container are inaccessible to medium and large size birds who perch on the mesh.

The nuts get wet due to rain and go mouldy.

I have found a solution to this problem which is to insert a suitably sized plastic lid (eg from a spray can) into the mesh container so as to raise the peanuts up to beak level and assist drainage. See attached photo.    Another issue with current feeders is that the mesh is too small making it difficult for birds to extract nuts.  I improve this by enlarging the holes with a screwdriver. However it would be better if manufacturers improved their designs and observed their products in use.  Anyone looking?

  • A clever idea using the plastic lid, to both raise the nuts from the bottom of the feeder and for drainage, also will let the birds access them easier. As you say it would be easier for some feeders to have slightly bigger mesh, to help acess the nuts, but at the same time not too big so that in the breeding/feeding season, whole nuts can't be taken.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Good idea and certainly reduces the problem described. I do limited bird feeding, and largely stopped peanut feeding years ago. However, I never had the issue described. It is good practice to let the food run down rather than keep topping up. Birds (and squirrels) can and do eat all the way down so the nuts at the bottom would be eaten if there weren't nuts permanently above them. Same applies for seeds. If constantly topping up, the seeds at the very bottom end up elderly but would be less noticeable than elderly peanuts.

  • That spray can top idea is fab :)

    I shall try it soon-maybe even in a feeder too :)


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