Any ideas on extending perches? Birds hate my new feeders!

I have got through quite a few feeders over the years, when a replacement feeder is introduced I've never had any problems...  until now! I've bought 2 new feeders from the hardware store, look excellent very sturdy by ChapelWood, but the birds literally are ignoring it. After a day of not using it at all I put the old one back and they immediately started feeding (starving!). Then I moved the new feeder and hung it on the same hook as the old one, but they still ignored it. Now it is on the ground with seed around it, to try to encourage them. I read reviews saying that some people had the same problem and they think the perch is too short, I did measure and it is a tiny bit shorter, but not much. Any ideas how to extend myself without purchasing any extenders as I don't think they will fit as there isn't one from Chapelwood. Thanks!

  • 99% of the birds are sparrows BTW.
  • Hi

    find something metal and tubular maybe and slide it over the existing short perches and crimp with pliers ?

    Strapping with wire might trap claws.


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  • Thanks for that, I'll see what I have. I was thinking of lollipop sticks and gaffer tape!
  • Hi lola,   depending on the type of perches you have on your new feeder,  something like this idea may work  HERE    although they can't be guaranteed to fit another make of feeder. 

       Be careful if using any sticky tape in case there are areas of sticky exposed or come unravelled which can potentially do harm to birds or their plumage if they come in to contact with it.    If using anything like wire or cable tie, etc,  on feeders ensure they have no gaps or sharp points that could injure or trap a bird or particularly its legs/claws.        When introducing any new feeder it can take birds several days to become familiar with them;   I would remove the old feeder, just leave out the new one and see what happens after a few days once the birds are used to it in situ.      Good luck. 


    Regards, Hazel 

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  • I always find our garden birds can be very touchy when we introduce a new feeder. I suspect if you leave them hanging with the old one for several days the Sparrows will get over their initial mistrust of them and start using them without any further issues.

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  • So since posting I have extended the perches with some modelling putty which is rock hard. The feeder has been up for ages now and not one sparrow will go on it. They are literally ignoring it. When I read the reviews some other people say the same. Why do they not even have a go I wonder. Very odd.