Robins nest somewhere as well as a fledging robin in my granny's garage

Hi there,

I went out to my granny's garage about an hour ago to be surprised at a small fledging bird trying to get out of one of the windows - my immediate reaction was to try and help it out with the idea that the nest was outside and it just mearly flew in through the open window - however this scared the bird away and I realised trying to help was likely a bad idea. As I walked away I sore it's parent flying in - that's when I realised that the nest is actually somewhere in the garage. As a result I have opened all the windows and doors in of the garage in the hopes things will run fine naturally - but I'm worried I have disturbed too much and it's too late for the fledging bird due to scaring it.

Would opening all the windows and doors be the right thing to do? Currently doing wildlife and conservation course but was never taught what to do with fledging birds in a garage and I fear I let my "knee jerk" reaction took place and have inadvertently harmed the fledging bird instead of helping.

I take it the best thing to do is just leave it, and check in later on in the day to ensure no harm is done?