Today I witnessed something incredible. When coming off my train, I spotted two blue tits lying on the ground, on their sides, chest to chest and holding each others talons. One was clearly alive as it fluttered as I moved closer. The other appeared to have no head or a substantial injury. I decided to try and gently scoop them up with a soft bag I was carrying to maybe save the one that was alive. However as I bent down, they both flew away into nearby trees. On hindsight maybe the injured one had just been hit by the train. I feel terrible and so guilty that my attempt to pick them up was the wrong thing to do. I have done so for many injured birds and called the sspca to collect them. It’s also got me wondering if they were mates, trying to comfort each other. I’m no expert on birds so could be completely wrong but it has stayed with me all day. 

  • Hi corrd, Only my personal opinion but I think the more likely scenario was that the two blue tits were in a bit of a squabble as I've seen it before when they have their claws locked as they quarrel over either territory, food source or even a prospective nesting site or a mate. I had two blue tits I witnessed a few years back who scrapped over mealworms, locked claws and even tumbled over sideways as they continued to scrap ! No need to feel guilty for believing one was badly injured and wanting to check further; no doubt you broke up a squabble. Birds can be quite feisty especially as they will be now seeking out nesting places or boxes pre breeding and being protective if there is a food source around.


    Regards, Hazel 

  • I agree with Hazy. It's that time of year. Blue tits are quite territorial anyway, though in Winter can be seen in large numbers. Now weather is less cold (ish), far more fighting and chasing going on now.......can get violent as you example suggests.