Injured Seagull Fledgling (Bad Limp)

Hello. Looking for some advice on the best course to take. I'll try and keep it short Slight smile

Fully fledged and nearly flying seagull fallen from a roof and has a bad limp. It was sleeping on the road so I managed to put it in a narrow fenced alleyway next to where it was sleeping. I've been feeding it various fish and leaving water for it for a few days now. My dilemma is - do I leave it and keep feeding it until it flies away, but I'm not sure if it will try due to it being in a narrow alleyway and having a bad leg, or do I take it home and look after it in my large enclosed garden about a mile away? And when it's better and flying, would it find it's parents again, or could it then fend for itself?

I couldn't just leave it as it's a very busy road.

Any suggestions would be appreciated Slight smile


  • Hi Seaman,
    Thanks for the reply. I've called the vet but they were doubtful they could look at it due to bird flu. The gull has all but stopped eating now, and it's legs are just limp and feel cold, with it's feet clenched. Maybe lack of circulation with just sitting for days. I've called the SSPCA and they're coming to have a look. So, it's not looking good for my little feathered friend but we can only do what we can.

    I live in the North East of Scotland right next to the sea and we have about eleventy billion seagulls this year, The skies are full of them and it's lovely :)

    Thanks again
  • Well it's not a happy ending I'm afraid :(

    I took it to the vet today who examined it and said nothing was broken, but he reckoned it was nerve damage in it's legs and gave it a Metacam injection to see if it would improve any. It started eating again but then went downhill rapidly, with it now gasping for breath and I can hear a clicking sound. I'm not sure if the side effects of Metacam could cause this, or possibly pneumonia, but it's cruel to let this go any further so the vet is on his way just now as the SSPCA is closed for the evening.

    Thanks again for your advice and keep doing what you do :)
  • Well done for trying DaveB even the best of vets cannot work miracles. We have a lady here in N.Yorkshire who is well known for her work with injured raptors but she has to admit defeat at times. At this time of year there are many young inexperienced birds around that may more prone to troubles and the current heat wave wil add to the problems


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can