Hedgehog eating habits changing in October?

Hi there all,  hope your having a great day anyway my question is do hedgehogs eating habits change in october?  I say this because up until about 2 weeks ago my 2 visiting hedgehogs would clear their bowls and eat the wet cat food i put out with some hedgehog food and with a little but of calci worms and they would clear a hatchwell hedgehog bowl easily but for these last 2 weeks or so they are only eating very little and it seems to be they only want to eat the calci worms.. which leads me to my second question is it healthy for a hedgehog to only eat calci worms?  Any guidance on their eating habits changing in October woukd be fantastic and also to know if its ok for my visiting hogs to eat only calci worms?... Thank you my friends... Xx

  • A useful articlle here Pauline


     2013 photos & vids here

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  • And a recent discussion (in this Community) here, Pauline: community.rspb.org.uk/.../hedgehogs-stopped-feeding

    If the link doesn't work, search for "hedgehogs stopped feeding".

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  • Hi Pauline
    As Dave says - lots of information on that thread thanks to Wendy, Dave and Mike.
    Similar situation to me - my hedgehogs also stopped feeding in October, very abruptly. They (or at least one) was still quite present and visible, and my trail cams picked him/her toddling around the garden as usual, but they stopped going in the feeding station completely. I used a second feeding station and tried different foods and locations around the garden, as well as leaving food out in a dish uncovered (no feeding box), but ultimately nothing got them feeding again. For the last week or so, the trail cams have also not been picking up any hedgehog activity, leading me to think that although it is still mild, they had gone to hibernate. However, one briefly visited for a few minutes the other night (but didn't take any supplementary food).