Red Kites

I have a red kite in a neighbouring garden, which has been siting almost in the same spot high up in a neighbours oak tree, for most a week now. It does fly off occasionally, but always comes back and is almost continually whistling. It is always alone when it returns and I contacted Twiggywinkles, who thought it was calling their mate, though never see another with this one. Could it be a young one, waiting for its parents, though again, I've never seen it with another kite in the  tree. It seems to fly around other kites as we have quite a few in this area, but I have never known a kite to stay in one place, though it doesn't appear injured or distressed. Is it likely to leave at some point? Lovely to see it but hopefully it is OK? Any advice please? 

  • May be one of last year's, so still not mature enough to breed. I suppose it could also be an adult that's lost its mate. Nothing intervention wise is needed, or realistic, from what you've written. Enjoy it while it sticks around.
  • Red Kites are normally pretty quiet and usually only call in their nest area. There may be a mate and nest around somewhere, one or two of us have been fooled before. It is to a bit too early for this years youngsters to be on the wing. As Robbo says no action needed and enjoy from a safe distance


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