Where have all the birds gone?

Since Friday, most of the regular birds that seem to visit my feeder have just disappeared, with my garden only getting a fraction of what it used to. Does anyone have any idea why this is occurring? I’m pretty new to birding and I know it’s breeding season so does this factor in? A sparrow hawk attacked a nest, would this make any difference? 
Thanks, Ellis 

  • A couple of things Ellis. The Sparrowhawk will make the birds very wary, they will be keeping their distance as they will not want to be the next meal! Ours keep in the bushes but they will re appear. The other reason is that the parents are busy looking for, sorting out boxes and nesting places and getting ready to breed and lay eggs, so all will be quieter, once the babies hatch it will all kick off again as they need to be fed constantly.

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  • Hi

    you didn't say which species :)

    I am down to a couple of pairs of local Blue and great Tits - 3 Dunnocks, 3 blackbirds and a pair of Chaffinches
    - the others have left the area / migrated north etc.


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  • I still get kinda the same number of species as before, they just seem to be visiting my feeder less and less throughout the day. Instead of visiting lots as they normally would, they seem to be only visiting once.
    I now get: Pair of blue tits, pair of great tits, pair of blackbirds, pair of wood pigeons, pair of robins, three dunnocks, pied wagtail (rarely) and loads of starlings, house sparrows and goldfinches
    I mean I guess that’s a lot still but my feeder just seems to be emptier than it once was. However, I would love to get chaffinches in my garden though, they just don’t seem to be around my area.
  • Hi Ellis, I’ve noticed the same at my feeders, much less activity over the last ten days or so. All the longtails have disappeared along with most of the coals, blackbirds, dunnocks, gold finches and the goldcrest I’ve not seen for several weeks. However, there is an increase in great tits with I think four regulars now. We do have a blue tit nesting in a hole in the wall, quite high up which is nice.
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    Hello, I’ve been getting a pair (breeding I’m guessing) of great tits that I wouldn’t normally see. I would love to have a nest in my garden but I don’t really have much space and there’s stacks of cats around my housing estate. Hopefully, I’ll see some fledglings this year though. Thanks, Ellis
  • The nesting blue taking advantage of the nesting materials I collected 

    Incidentally, he/she then decided to have a bite to eat from one of the feeders and promptly dropped everything..!

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    I saw this blackbird with a load of worms which he dropped after carrying one too many

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    That’s a great photo though!
  • Maybe reduced numbers due to birds nesting now?


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    That’s what we all seem to think, it would make sense