Erythristic Sparrowhawk??

Hello! I've got this gorgeous sparrowhawk visiting my garden lately, and going by size (slightly larger than a blackbird?) I think it's a male, but I can't find a single picture on the Internet of a juvenile, male, or female with this rich red brown coloring!! Anyone think it might be erythristic?? Or have seen other sparrowhawks this color?? 

  • Hi April he is a beauty, I get them in my garden on a regular basis but never in that colour.

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    Cracking photo, April. He is a handsome looking boy but I've never seen one that colour either. I think you are probably right that he's got some pigmentation abnormalities.



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    Stunning photo April and as unusual as it is what a gorgeous colour of plumage he has.        


    Regards, Hazel 

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    Never seen one that colour, but it's a beautiful bird to have visit regularly.


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  • Hi April,

    What a beautiful bird. I'm honestly not sure if it's Erythristic or not but the BTO are running an abnormal plumage survey, it might be worth submitting it to them to see what they say. It can be found here:

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    Hi April, what a beauty indeed, the colours are georgeous.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.