How to keep crows and jackdaws off your bird feeders (but still let them share nicely!).

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    Hi Sarah

    I think our pigeons would behave badly if we had an urban garden.  Ours is just grass, hedges and trees. Not much they can find for mischief - other than the crows and their friends swinging on the feeders. I'm waiting for them to learn how to prise the baskets open with their feet!

    Wouldn't it be good if the rspb community members brought out a book of hints and tips generated by their combined knowledge and experience?  I'd buy one.

    Regards Jill

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    what a fantastic idea, !!

    trishy :)

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    Hi Jill,

    Well done on your resourcefulness!  My birds seem to be rather well behaved.  There are plenty of Crows around but they don't come into my garden and I only get a few Wood pigeons and they don't attempt to use the hanging feeders.


    Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.


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    Thank you Trishy.  I must say I'm amazed how effective the hanging baskets have proved to be in keeping the big birds off.  Also I love how birds who normally can't perch on the feeders sit on the wires and happily help themselves.

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    Hi Apple, we have hundreds of crows, jackdaws etc. who live in the fields surrounding our garden.  They spotted the activity of other birds when I started putting up birdfeeders in my eucalyptus tree, now they seem happy to pick up what the other birds drop.  I do occasionally still see one or two in the tree, trying to work out how to overcome this problem.

  • Jackdaws taking 6 fat balls a day. More if I was daft enough to put out more. have to give this a try, thanks

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    Have found I need to put two hanging baskets together, even in the hedge.  The jackdaws were nipping around the back and still taking the lot!

  • bloody genius!!!!!!!!!!!! was researching for this problem, the anti squirrel feeders weren't big enough and my squirrel is very good as has his own feed, I know they are all birds but the others share and it is peace personified until the shadows of jackdaws darken my lawn, everything is stripped within minutes. Off to B & Q !!!!!

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    Hi, that's a really good idea for those in a similar situation. It's something anyone could do easily. I'm glad I don't have much problem with my few pigeons and jackdaws.

    Was hoping to see photos & glad you managed to post some.


    Seriously thinking about trying harder!

  • Great Idea, going to have to give it a go in our garden!