Blue Sky, Sunshine and a few Birds....

So yesterday it was full sunshine and I was itching to get idea where or cared but hubby being the more sensible half.."check the weather Linda".  Boring I prefer just going and see when we get there lol. West coast was cooler and less sun...bearing in mind we are already in the car by now and I have just parked at side of road still in my estate lol......Moffat or Fife....Golden Eagles...mmm....or weather says its sunnier for longer in Leven so that was it decided...satnav....RSPB Loch Leven.....Drove a few mins then a was like oh shyte where is our RSPB cars as I got new car a couple of months ago and never put them in new one lol...back home them so off we set....yet again..takes about an hour...sun was still shining when we arrived......had to eat and pee before anything...needs must!!

View as we sat and stuffed our faces

Wee waggie to greet our arrival 

Not much around but delighted to be somewhere else....  Oh hello there...1st time I have saw one sitting!

So much wildflower around I thought bumper day for flutterbys.....

Hardly saw sad but this is where hubby's hayfever kicked in and it's been absent for a couple of years..came back with a vengeance...

His sneezing forced this wee guy out of hiding lol

Mipit...I guess

So after that was fast walk to a hide out the way to let hubby's symptoms calm doon

Lest the gulls were making more noise than him lol

Beautiful room with a view

Then the gulls were absolutely mental...can you spot why!?!

Lots of tufties around but at quite a distance 

Hubby had enough and wanted to go try sort his eyes out but we're still better than mine on way back as he spotted several of these guys

So after he bathed his eyes in cold water....coolbox in car stocked with plenty and a pair of sunglasses we headed into the woods in search of a red squirrel...indeed I did see one run very fast below the tree lines, no pic this time but delighted to see it...this is all i got from the woodlands

  not very inviting 

And that was our wee afternoon at Loch Leven...Happy to say hubby slept all way home...all that sneezing must be very tiring...I cannot sympathise as I have never had hayfever but gave me peace to listen to what I wanted and eat my kit kat lol

Hope you all enjoyed.....sorry it's  been rather long!!!!

(Pardon the Scottish Accent)