Alner's Gorse 11th June

Alners Gorse is one of the two places I go for butterflies regularly. 11th June was forecast nice early, grey by mid morning and wet by lunchtime, so I decided on a speculative foray at about 7.30. It had rained overnight, and being that early the sun hadn't managed to dry the grass, so within about 20 yards of the gate, my feet were wet (which reminded me to rewaterproof my boots!!) First thing I heard was a Chiffchaff

Next sighting, flyyyyyyy

Next up . itsy bitsy field moth (one of 39 possibilities I think Wendy said last year!)

Young Blue Tit?

Too many mouths to feed!

There were several of these flies around, and liking a challenge and thinking of Angus's trials and tribulations I decided to try snapping some, at various shutter speeds (I was using the 180-600 f5.6-6.3 nikon z lens), and I have to say I was impressed with the way the tracking stayed with the beastie, but the user was appalling at tracking them as they flew out of frame!! (These first few are just made smaller to fit the 5mb limit, there's a couple later cropped)

Note the background getting darker as the shutter speed increased

The first butterfly was a Meadow Brown

A hoverfly of some description (probably a Skinny-Waisted-Yellow-Leg)

A different Meadow Brown... I managed to ninja stealth mode round it, but then couldn't get a shot without an infernal blade of grass in the way!

Cropped flies

The first damselfly, was a Banded Demoiselle

A lovely white moth, but not a lovely photo, I'm afraid... and no ID either!!

A slightly better pic

Moving on into the field where the grazing ponies live, in the barn...

Up a tree opposite, I'm not sure what, but it was either hungry or feeding someone else!

It then proceeded to make its way along the branch, with it's beak still loaded, picking at and under the bark

The Great Tit was looking busy

I soon spotted why!

A Blackcap made it known it wasn't happy with me

The other butterfly I saw was a Large (I'm pretty sure) Skipper

After more deft ninja stealthing...

And finally, a White Legged Damsel

And then I tootled home, and the weather forecast proved correct!!

Stay Safe All