Pre Breakfast Couple of Hours

1st June, forecast glorious. Both me and Mrs PB on a day off, so we're going to tootle off somewhere for the day. Wake up at silly o'clock with sun streaming through a gap in the curtains, so snuck out of bed and left a note. On my way to work a few times I'd spotted some brownish lumps in one of the fields, and I was sure they were hares.... I was right Slight smile

There were about half a dozen scattered at varying distances, this the closest, probably 70 or 80 yards away

As it got up and ambled away from me, I thought mission accomplished. Hmmm... still only 6 o'clock.... I wonder if the barn owl is staying up late... I got to the car and across the next field

It was followed shortly after by a youngster, but it's picture was even worse than this one! I pootled round to the Trailway, where the owls nest, and incessant twittering caught my ear... not sure that leaf will support even his weight!

A much louder, and more pleasant sound was next... Jenny belting it out (Just look at that sky!!!)

At first I thought the black blobs at the top of the tree was dead foliage, but as I got closer, it wasn't!

They both took off after I'd passed them by, and flew a big loop, almost like a warm up, before landing back in the same tree

Further along, and just adjacent to the Barn Owls barn, another Swallow sat... but it look massive compared to the previous too, so much so that when I got home I even looked up different types of swallow!

Unfortunately, the sun was in the wrong place, and the barbed wire fence protecting the barn from interlopers was also in the way of a well lit shot Disappointed

That's my excuse anyway!!!

Next, our first game of spot the bird

I loitered by the barn, surreptitiously, for a few minutes, but no luck with any owls, so meandered on, preceded by a Robin

More twittering from on high, and I spotted this scruffy so and so

A little further and a lovely song could be heard, I scoured the tree line of the next field...

 I remembered the "back for breakfast" note I left (after Mrs PB texted ) and so I turned about and headed home, in the field another deer

And now the 2nd game of spot the bird

As a clue as to what you're looking for... that's the BARN!

I'd caught a glimpse of it in the opening, before it dropped to a post, and waited a nanosecond before flying off again... best sighting I got... and this is cropped quite heavily..

Unfortunately, breakfast thoughts soon left my head when a few Martins and Swallows were playing nest building, using mud from a puddle along the pathway

And so absolutely with my impromptu sortie, I hurried home to thick crusty toast and marmalade, and a steaming mug of coffee!

Hope I didn't get carried away!

Stay Safe All