Who lives in a nest like this?

Two birds actually. Believe it or not the Tree Sparrow owns the bottom half and the Osprey has the Penthouse suite.

  • when I saw the title I didnt know you were going to reveal who does so  when I read who lives in a nest like this? I was going to say me.

    but then I had second thoughts when mentioned the house sparrow owns the bottom half and osprey the penthouse so rather than enter there territory and get into any teritorial dispute over me living in a nest like this il stay as I am for now 

    I found it quiet interesting when you sqid whats there and  which one owns what 

  • On closer examination I believe its a Tree Sparrow not a House Sparrow.

  • then that is interesting. I havnt seen tree Sparrows before unfortunatly cause they are scarce in Gloucesterahire. the house sparrow is in decline but doing ok at the moment whereas the tree sparrow isnt 

    Iv made the photo of the Sparrow brighter and bigger. it does look like it has a black marking on its cheak which house  Sparrows lack so yes it could well be 

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    Super pic, Bob!

    We were told that Redstarts nested under the Loch Garten Ospreys last season but I didn't manage to capture them except when they were foraging on the surface Blush


  • I'd phrase it as the tree sparrow has moved into the basement of the local serial killer. Protection racket orchestrated by ospreys?