Fungi (and lichen)


Not strictly wildlife, I guess, but I couldn't see any threads dedicated to fungi - please let me know if there's an existing one I'm missing.

I have no idea what any of these are but still enjoy taking photos of them Relaxed

These first ones are all taken at Picton Castle & Gardens, around Easter time this year.

  • in case you might find it interesting fungi and lichens are considered Wildlife cause they grow out in the wild. I like taking pictures of fungi and im very familer with them and im good at identifying them.

    some fungi can be challangeing others not as much. not all fungi can be identified to species with 100 percent certainty but  with those species that cant it can help to  start with the family. with some fungi.  there are species that are almost identical in apearance  with those ones identification features lie not  on the details that can  be seen with the nakid eye but in  a microscope or proper close examination. you will know when you see those though. when you do it can help you to get to species level. if you domt have a microscope then close examanation of those identification features can help to a certain exstent.  photography of both abouve and below can help reveal those details and get to species.

     but when it comes to the familys when you start off with family it can act as like a guide or a stepping stone to getting down to species level.

    that aside there are lots that can also be identified without a microscope  and it is possible to get strait to species level with those. usually good to start with when learning about different types of fungi and there is alot of distinctive and common species to be found. they can also be a fscinating group and play a very important role in the ecosystem. they help break down and decompose organic matter and some species of fungi are even nitrogen fixing agents. and over time you will learn how to odentify different types. 

    as a useful tip if your interested in fungi for identifying fungi it can help to take pictures of both abouve and below it can help to look at the gills aswell as abouve aswell not just its shape and patterns and things like that.

    depending on the family of fungi for instance bracket fungis. theres  different species of Bracket fungi under that name. they all share something in common and yet they all have there owm unique characteristics that set them apart and tell them apart. 

    some fungi gills.  some dont. those that do have gills depending on the family of fungi they can have  different typesof gills aswell as different colours which are themselfs also an identification feature that can help idemtify fungi too which is why taking pictures abouve and below can also help with identifying fungi.  and you will find that exspecialy helpful when you come across fungi that look like twins and it csn be one of the big giveaways. but regardless it can be helpful to take pictures at different angles when you take photos of fungi since helps you with identifying them. 

    the fourth picture is turkey tail. the 5th picture is likely pelt lichen. as for your  thread post in the picture at the bottom yes its a shaggy mane. well done 

  • Thanks Zo, you clearly have an interest in this area.