Baddesley Clinton 19 May 2024

Sunday 19th May, I made the best of the sun before the rain came.

I make no apologies for this first photo, just a plain standard five bar gate, but the scene is different each time I see as the seasons change.

Remember those lambs from my previous visit? A recap, have a browse through "Baddesley Clinton 10 May 2024"

they're growing fast and become sun drenched teenagers......

The tax man's taken all my dough
And left me in my stately home
Lazin' on a sunny afternoon
And I can't sail my yacht
He's taken everything I got
All I've got's this sunny afternoon

Save me, save me, save me from this squeeze
I got a big fat mama tryna break me
And I love to live so pleasantly
Live this life of luxury
Lazin' on a sunny afternoon

Lyrics, Lazing on a sunny afternoon; The Kinks, 1966

The daffodils and bluebells have moved over to let the nettles  and other plants provide food and cover for insects.

Jackdaw action

A European Hornet

and off it buzzes.....

More jackdaw action, this time around the house and grounds...

Three buzzards were overhead, riding the thermals, but not close enough together to get them into one photo...

More young of 2024, a Canada gosling

A speckled wood butterfly

Those swallows are nicely active.

  Flushed Joy

and a jackdaw to finish with....