Bempton Cliffs-Seabird City. Short video not made by me.

As I’ve had problems wtth posting photos of late. Here is a short video Bempton not made by me. This is the best England mainland seabird cliffs that I know of. I’m not including seabird islands off the coast of England as there much better seabird islands. But as far as mainland England and so easily accessible for many to visit. I stayed in the small town of Bridlington bed and breakfast and then on Tuesday morning of last week a 5 minute train journey from Bridlinton-to the village of Bempton. Then from the village of Bempton a gentle 30-40 minute walk up a  up to the car park and I had a whole day exploring Bempton Cliffs. But the fantastic sight of thousand of Gannets. In 2023 I did try visiting Bempton in one day there and back one day. But with the cancellation of the connected trains in 2023 and only managed half a day in 2023. II decided to stay for 2 nights bed and breakfast. Now for 6 nights in Cambridge in early June and I know the bird watching places I will be visiting by local bus and hopefully local train services as well.