Tissington Bird Life 11 May 2024

My annual trip to see the Tissington Well Dressings, along with the very healthy flock of barn swallows....

A quick info sheet on the well dressings

Yew Tree Well representing Guide Dogs.

My favourite has to be Coffin Well, where the trough is shaped like a coffin, representing 35 years of Wallace and  Gromit

Now for the wild life, well, actually bird life, and plenty of swallows and housemartins

A manky mallard drake perhaps?

A  true mallard drake....

In my personal opinion, coot ducklings, the true ugly duckling.....

Not a sight to see, a plastic wrapper in a nest, any nest let alone a coot nest! Rage

Lovely clear water, fresh from underground springs, and the fish.

No filter with this photo

Circular polarising filter used to reduce the reflection on the water surface

More of Mr Manky Mallard

If anyone can confirm the manky mallard ID, or even the fish, it wil lbe greatly appreciated.