Bits and Bobs from 13/04/24

Finally a day off coinciding with reasonable weather, but that meant garden chores to do...Mrs PB was bartered down to post lunch chores, pre lunch gallivanting Smiley

Before I left home, I caught glimpse of the first House Martin of the year that I'd seen, circling over the garden briefly, hopefully scoping out a return to the nearest nests.

I headed off, not sure where to go, and decided on a fleeting visit to see the Fallow Deer, but though they were present, they were too distant for pictures. Just down the road from them is Lydlinch Common, usually a good haunt for butterflies and I saw my only ever Nightingale there. It looked a tad damp, but I squelched my way through the gate and along the path. A song Thrush was working its way through its whole repertoire, gorgeous, but invisible. First sighting was a very dark Speckled Wood

Followed by an even darker Peacock

There was something attached to the tree, but I've no idea what... and clues?

I decided it was obvious why I'd seen MARSH fritilleries here last year, as underfoot was getting worse, so I decided to try my luck elsewhere, and on the way back to the car, a rare Face-Wash Hoverfly caught my eye

And a singing Blackcap caught my ear

I decided to stay pretty local, so headed to the Trailway, where a Carrion Crow atop a post greeted me

And a pair of Blackcaps were flycatching from the depths of a tree

The first of the Chifblers, lightened quite a lot coz was quite silhouette-y!

Pretty flower, if a bit nibbled!

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overhead a pair of Buzzards were enjoying the thermals (no, Linda, not yours!!)

A new meaning to pointy head!

Pretty pink flower, if a bit nibbled!

I saw about half a dozen ladybirds today, all similarly low in spots!

My first Bluebells of the year

Ragged Brimstone (first pic of one this year)

And another year first... Orange Tip, still keeping an eye out!

Not sure if the damaged wing attracted the fly somehow, but first time I've seen both, one usually evicts the other


It's amazing the difference a drop of sunshine makes!

A very smart looking Hoverfly

Robin (we've had one taking nesting materials from the garden, but feeding here Smiley)

Pristine Brimstone, rather than that poor damaged one

A poorly (I think) bee

Another thing stuck to a tree... I did wonder if it was horse poo as its a bridleway!!

A less dark Peacock

Some sort of cockchafer/shield bug thingamy jig

Another annual first, Green Veined White

And to end with, the only real surprise of the day, female Large Red Damselfly... what a beauty!!

Hope you enjoyed my meander in the sunshine (as I look out the window now, its all grey and bleughhhh... I guess Snappy wanted his sunshine back lol

Stay Safe All