Benji's Birdwatching

I thought I would make a new thread for my photography, this will save clogging up with loads of threads.

For starters, here are some of the many photos from over the Christmas Holidays

First off, a few photos from Staines Resevoirs, where I went to see black-necked grebe and black-throated Diver

Meadow Pipit

Pied Wagtail, I think it's the first time I've ever seen a pied wagtail in a tree!

Carrion Crow

Tried to get a shot of a wigeon, but they flew before I could get a shot of one sitting still!

There was a big flock of linnets, but this was the only decent shot I got of one!

I did find the Black-Necked Grebes! (Which were lifers for me!)

And also had the Black-Throated Diver coming quite close (again a lifer!)

That day ended well!

The next trip was to Southend-on-sea, I wasn't expecting much, but am glad I took my camera, as saw my lifer Sanderling and Turnstone there!



Also got my first decent looks (and photos) of Brant Geese

Starling were also present!

And finally a beautiful common gull

I wasn't expecting much, so was very happy.

The next few photos are from 2024, trying to up my year list

Firstly, my second BOP from the house in 2024, Sparrowhawk, also my best looks and photos of one!

Then I went to Cassiobury park, adding most of the garden birds



This parakeet was harassing the woodpecker, trying to get it off the feeder - it didn't budge though!

And finally a trip to Lee Valley Discovery centre today, in the hopes of seeing my lifer Bittern!

After about 10 minutes I did manage to see it, but not clearly enough to get decent photos, however I heard there was a Smew further up the lake, so decided to go see that, then come back and see if the bittern would come more into the open.

Sure enough, I quickly locked onto a beautiful male Smew

I then headed back to the main discovery centre/hide, and was told the bittern was moving - after about 15 minutes it finally popped right into view!

It disappeared fairly quickly, but I went home happy!

This post is quite long, as it's a catch up from the last few days, but from now on they should be shorter!

Thanks for Looking!