Snaw at the Haugh

We Scots don't say snow we say snaw so it was snaw at the Haugh (Haugh is pronounced haw) lol

So hubby had a stupid idea of going to the Haugh today's as we never made it yesterday...who am I to say nope....

Carpark area lol

God were the paths no just lovely Fluffy snow!!!

And it's doon hill lol...

1st greeted by a BB

And a Buzzard who soon took off from a nearby tree

1st wee hill was bad enough

Walked along top of the fields as kids were actually using the long path down to the hides for sledging 

Nice wee flock of siskins passed

Sorry lighting was not the best

My favourite tree

Walked round to the clyde

Where there were plenty PBs pals around


Baby steps along the path....

To see the frozen pond

More blooming Cormorants overhead

Goosander on the river

Light was fading

Made our way round to the hide

Siskins above us having a good munch

Not many brave birds

A crazy moorhen

And a lovely Mistle thrush to finish our chilly walk in the snaw at the Haugh

Walked back up through the woods to the car ....soooo much easier lol

Hope you all appreciate us risking life and limb to bring yous such grey photos lol

Take care all

Stay safe