Barons Haugh on a Cold and Frosty Morning

Daughter messaged me this mornin."Up to much today mama?"...oh I sensed she wanted to do something on her day off....fancy a wee wander up the Haugh I replied...Yeah sure...within 10 mins a was dressed with 3 layers and out the door...although I forgot I not only had to defrost my car but also my sons as he parked behind  me Grrrr...I hate being delayed!!!!

We arrived at the Haugh about 10 and the sun was out and it was beautiful

I told her today am gonna show you your 1st Kingfisher...I like a mission as you all know

Passed a fair few redwings on the way to the marsh hide

A wee shy Dunnock

And a gull overhead 

Don't leave on our account...charming!!

View from the Marsh hide...FROZEN

Mmm....maybe a shouldn't have said a Will show her a kingie lol....

Nowt around even though this would be the best place to see it we headed down to the Causeway Hide

Passing a Reed Bunting 

And a treecreeper 

More Frozenish

Some birds though....still sleeping!

And some awake

Think she was getting bored so a was like let's go back to marsh hide before we head back up to the car

She hadnt even taken the camera out the bag I loaned her for the morning as she sat down again in the hide and low on behold I saw it

He was sitting waiting for us....all of a sudden the camera was whipped out the bag  lol

This is one taken by her...still my camera though lol

He got breakfast 

Had to wrestle the camera off her in the end and say times up before I turn blue and it wasn't gonna be Kingfisher blue lol

All in all it was a success...thankfully...Don't think she will be using my camera again though...taking better pics than me is a no no lol

Thanks for looking

Hope you enjoyed