A Bit Of This, A Bit Of That, And A Lot Of The Other!

  • Well done PB giving us such a variety of birds butterflies etc to peruse and ogle, a real pleasure to see the Yellowhammers, and interesting to read about the 'nest' of caterpillar, never have seen any, but glad to know - why are there no blue tits hovering around waiting for the opportunity of carrying them orf....

    Lot to learn

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    Wendy S said:
    the "ball on the end of a stick"

    Not a new one locally Pete, pretty much been mentioned since I started birding lol There's a daily blog from the wardens at Durlston Country Park (Swanage) so local ish, and at least 3 times a week one of the wardens mentions Bloody Nosed Beetles.... not sure I know what one looks like

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    When I saw the Yellowhammers I thought to my self "That'll please Gaynor" lol
    I don't think I saw any Tits whilst I was out (although it's 3 days ago now, so I may have seen flocks and flocks of them, but just don't remember!!)
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    Thanks Tony, I looked on the Dorset and the Hampshire Butterfly Conservation sites, and on the same day some people had seen some fritillaries, and Adonis Blue as well, which would have been a real bonus sighting. Still, gives reason to go back :o)
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    Trouble with papers is all the doom and gloom in them, Linda...I try and avoid that, when I can :o)
  • Another cracking set PB, lots of different birds and beasties, thanks.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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    Apparently we are at the Northern limit of their range but nothing spectacular looking about them


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can

  • A plague doctor fly!

    That is a first for me....

    A very good selection of photos of what was almost a thwarted day out.

    I think your green coloured fly might be a greenbottle fly, and the house martin at the start was a good clear photo, may thanks for sharing, I need cheering up after a brilliant extended week in the Highlands.


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