Out and about on the Suffolk Coast on a sunny day.

Yet another glorious day of sunshine so we decided to head for the coast again, Shingle Street this time. For those who don't know it it's very well named, just miles of shingle beaches and a small scattering of houses. Just north of there is Orford Peninsular, know locally as Orford Island because there is no land access to most of it. In the past it was used by the MOD for development of Radar and Nuclear testing. It's now looked after by the National Trust.

While at Minsmere yesterday our friends told us of a place where they had seen Little Owls and today they were still there looking out of their "burrows" in an old sand quarry.

Looking north from Shingle Street you can see the southern tip of Orford Island where the River Alde finally reaches the sea after a few miles running down the coast parallel with the sea.

There were groups of Cormorants on the end of the island and on an exposed shingle bank.

In the back ground some of the old nuclear experimenting buildings.

I've never seen so many Cormorants in one place, there must have been possibly 200 possibly many more either on the shingle or in the sea.

While watching them we noticed one or two or so had white heads, an old Community post about ones seen before suggested that they may be pre-breeding colours and only very temporary.

The usual coastal Stonechats, this time with the sea as a back drop. While we were here we thought the beach at Shingle Street looked wider than we remembered it and checking our OS Map App we appeared to be standing well out into the sea, these shingle beaches are always shifting about.

By a coastal lagoon, a Little Egret with yellow legs as well as feet.

I'm guessing a juvenile, this one looks very young and fluffy.

Late afternoon we went down the coast to Bawdsey, it was very still and quite surreal. This is the River Deben as it meets the sea, a very dangerous channel at low tide with constantly shifting sand banks to deal with. The River Alde further north is just the same.

The regular spectacle here is the resident Golden Plovers.

Settling back down again. I think they like it here because they are protected all round by the marshes with no paths.

At the end of the day, a very serene view.

The sunshine appears have gone for a while now, I'm just glad to have been able to enjoy it while it lasted.

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  • Wow, what wonderful sightings and those Golden plovers in flight are truly magical to see; Photos are stunning and bonus to see the Little Owl, wished I lived closer to the Suffolk coast ! I used to once - at Pakefield and wasn't into birdwatching or photography back then ! Great post Trevor, thanks; going back to take another look through the pics now.


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Brilliant set Trevor, lovely shots of the Little Owl, there are some resident on Portland, but I've not seen them. Never seen Golden Plover (was hoping to at Slimbridge the other week) and they look spectacular in that light. As always, your Stonechats look very smart, and the Little Egret is a belter!!

    Thanks for sharing :o)
  • Love the shots of the Little Owl, Little Egret and Golden Plovers lit by the sun. Thanks for posting the collection.
  • Wow Trevor lovely photos, it looks a gorgeous place for wildlife. So many cormorants is a sign there are a lot of fish in the area.
    The golden plovers so many to see brilliant, love the little egret. In fact what’s not to like.
  • Thanks for the introduction to the Suffolk coast Trevor, lovely pics as always, especially the Little Owl, and the Egret with it's wings outstretched, and then the spectacle of the Golden Plover - bet it took your breath away.

    Lot to learn

  • Great set, love Golden Plovers in flight in sunlight.
  • And here's me thinking your last set would be hard to beat and you just throw in a Little Owl for fun...Wish I lived on the Suffolk Coast...a would never be home with all them wonderful birds around lol.
    Thanks for more amazing shots Trevor ;-)

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • Well, the little owl is a stunner, as are the other photos and the weather looked brilliant as well.

    Many thanks for sharing.


    Flickr Peak Rambler

  • Many thanks everyone for the great feedback.
    Suffolk is still relatively undiscovered and quiet compared to many other parts of the country but definitely well worth a visit. Which leads to the problem of how to share this beauty and retain the relative peace and quiet. Many people have said they would love to come to Suffolk so perhaps could you arrange to come here just one at a time.