Role reversal?

For a long time this year (and several previous years) we have had two pairs of bullfinches. They perch and feed happily together. Two days ago the one male disappeared, all day yesterday and so far today, the male perches in a tree or sits on top of a feeder, and the two females fight, driving each other off. Can't say that I have ever seen females competing for a male before, had anyone else?

isn't wild wonderful

  • We also have two bullfinch pairs and have seen a female chase off another female if they come to the same feeder, especially if the male is around. I believe that Bullfinches stay in their pairing bond for years, if not life, so another intruder bird (male or female) would be unwelcome and thus often chased off. Fortunately, we have the two pairs but sometimes if two females are at the feeder one chases the other away.


    Regards, Hazel 

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  • Thanks Hazel, they seem to have settled the dispute all three come but he and one she feeds while the other female watches(sadly?) from the shed roof. When they fly away she feeds

    isn't wild wonderful