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  • I noticed this whitethroat on his territory would often goto this twig so I sat it out and waited. 20 minutes later there it was. I pushed the button and got the shot. I spend so much time focused on branches or twigs with nothing on them I often have people ask what am I doing...... they think I'm potty. 

    Four very early mornings now waiting for the Barn Owl to come to a post he has been seen going to. I'm determined to get the shot. I sit it out on my stool with a camouflage sheet completely covering me all but the lens. I get cramp and bits of me go numb, the things we do watching posts. LOL.

  • Well worth the cramp and getting numb when you get a picture like this Paul.


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  • I don't need to be sitting out under a sheet to go numb and get cramp!! Another lovely shot
  • That's where I'm going wrong then, can't sit still that long!!!! Fabulous shot Paul well done.

    Lot to learn

  • Slightly disappointing trudge around Coombe Heath at Arne this morning, mainly due to the weather, but a couple of highlights

    My 1st half decent green woodpecker pic ever

    That was within 30 seconds of getting there, so I had high hopes!! Then 2 minutes later my 1st greater spotted woodpecker of the year

    Then the best part of 2 hours of nothing until on my way out my best "classic" Dartford Warbler pose, atop the gorse

  • Dartford Warbler I would like a chance to see, cracking bird, and well done on the Green Woodpecker too.

    Lot to learn

  • In reply to gaynorsl:

    Thanks Gaynor, Arne (Dorset) is apparently a "stronghold" for the Dartfords I've been there probably a dozen times and only seen them on two occasions. There are about 70 breeding pairs (allegedly lol)
  • Thanks for all of the latest pics, Everyone!
    PimperneBloke, Arne is a fabulous place and we love it. We visited Arne a couple of times in late March/early April and finally saw Dartford Warblers. We've been to half a dozen places or more over the years (including Arne 6 or 8 times or more previously) which apparently have Dartford Warblers but we had never seen them before this spring. In fact, we had great views this time but it was very worrying that the pair we saw were trying to nest far too close to the path. It was likely that they would be unsuccessful because of almost constant disturbance. Some birders stood there waiting for them to appear and then did not move on once they saw the birds but hung about for ages and none that we saw had any camouflage. We hurried away after a quick glimpse and felt very sorry for the poor little birds who were trying to build a nest but afraid to dive into their chosen bush while people were standing and gawping. The RSPB people at the centre agreed that those 2 birds would probably end up moving farther into the heath away from the path for another attempt after a first likely-to-fail attempt to nest. Luckily, Arne has a lot of heath to choose from and we were also told there were 70 pairs there.

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  • One final trip to see the kestrels that I've been posting on here and the video thread the last 2 months since coming across the nesting female. Fledged and flying around the field and landing back in the tree where their nest is. I think 3 out of 5 made it to fledging although can't be sure. Plus a few other birds I came across walking down there.