Fabulous Fence Posts

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    Thanks folks. There are very few trees in Orkney so I suspect that fence posts are used as vantage points at times.

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    What a fabulous thread Paul!  And how fortunate it is that birds like fence posts, because they certainly make for great photos!  I can safely say that I have never, ever seen a Snipe or a curlew perched on a fence before!  Brilliant photos.

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  • I've  never thought that a thread about fence posts would be so interesting Paul. On our local patch we do watch them closely in winter as they do make good hunting posts for raptors.


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can

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    Thanks folks. I was really hoping to see Short-eared Owls when we were there and we were lucky enough to see three different birds (the one on the fence post being kind enough to pose for a photo). Other BOP sightings were two male Hen Harriers and twice I had a brief glimpse of two smaller birds but I'm unsure as to whether they were Sparrowhawks or Merlins.

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    Another few for the fence post collection.

    Redpoll. I suspect female lesser but I'm open to opnions.

    Young Cuckoo (already on another thread but it is on a fence post). :-)

    Another Stonechat, a young male I think.

    Common Buzzard. A pale youngster unless I'm mistaken.

    I've re-named the thread and would love to see any fence post shots that any of you may have, so please feel free to post them here if you want to. :-)

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    Lovely shots Paul, I must keep my eyes open now just in case.

    Lot to learn

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    You've set high standards to meet with that selection, but hopefully we'll get a few more Fabulous Fence Posts.


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    Great idea, Paul

    Black-headed gulls - Warkworth, Northumberland

    Nightingale (I think it did have 2 legs!) - at Pulborough Brooks

  • What a fabulous set of pictures Paul, some wonderful sightings. Fence post are great spots to get clear views of birds, there are lots on our favourites walks on the north Norfolk coast.

    A couple of additions to the FPA

    A great idea for a whole new thread



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    What a super photo of the Nightingale Sue, first time I have seen one so clearly I think.   The BH Gulls aren't half bad either!

    Lot to learn