Fabulous Fence Posts

The humble fence post. They're all over the place, and in my opinion, they do a good job. They keep things in and they keep things out. I like them.!!

Please feel free to post any fence post shots that you may have.

This is an example of a fence post but they do come in different shapes and sizes.

They're well worth keeping an eye on because just like me,  various other things also like fence posts.!!

Arctic Terns for example.

And Skylarks.

Meadow Pipits like them a lot.!!

So do Wheatears.

Even though this Linnet isn't actually on a fence post, he probably really likes them as well.

Snipe really like being on the ground but they're not totally against having a go on a fence post now and again.!!

Redshanks are of a similar opinion to Snipes.

This is fun.!! Really small birds also like fence posts, like this Stonechat.

Great big birds like Curlews also stand on top of fence posts sometimes.

As do colourful birds like Oystercatchers.!!

Hooded Crows take it in turns to stand on fence posts.

But Short-eared Owls like them all to themselves.

Fence posts are just great.!! You may even have one in your garden somewhere, they're well worth keeping an eye on. I might even start a fence post appreciation society.!! :-)

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