TJ and Shane visit Pulborough Brooks in Sussex.

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    Great report, Shane. Thanks for doing such a detailed one, I felt I was back there again today.

    It was a shame that that the weather stayed so gloomy all day despite the promise that the sun would break through in the afternoon. Although the day was quite warm the Adders like some sun on their backs so despite a lot of searching they were keeping out of sight. One day I'll get to see them but thanks for posting the photo from a previous visit.

    It was not a good day for photography but you managed some good shots, Shane. I'll just add a few that I took although they largely duplicate the ones Shane has posted.

    The ever present Dunnock

    A friendly Robin; pity we didn't have some nibbles for him.

    Chiffchaffs were singing all over the reserve but were very mobile. Here's one I managed to snap.

    Seeing the small herd of deer was a treat for me. Don't get to see them much round my way. Did we decide they were Fallow Deer, Shane?

    A pretty rubbish shot of a young stag.

    Even though we were in a hide they were aware of our presence.

    I was surprised how many Shelducks there were on the reserve. This was another pair feeding out on the marsh.

    Seeing the male Bullfinch just as we were leaving was a treat. Again, it's not a bird that I see very often.

    Feeding on the fresh shoots of small tree - fruit growers nightmare - but not here.

    Thanks for your company, Shane and for showing me where to find the adders even though we were unsuccessful. We must do it again.

    I certainly want to go back in a few weeks when the Nightingales return. Here's why. This is one from last year.



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    Brilliant shots TJ! I agree with Alan!

    "All weeds are flowers, once you get to know them" (Eeyore)

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    Brilliant additions TJ, that nightingale is a cracker.

    No Shane we don't seem to have a problem here with the red sand, listening to the weatherman it seems the clouds picked up extra pollution from France before dropping the lot on the UK; Sorry!!

    Best wishes

    Hazel in the Gironde estuary, France

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    Thanks Alan, it was a great day considering the haze but we will not be beaten and will get some Adder Photos this year.

    Regards Shane


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    Thanks TJ for your addition that last Nightingale photo is a blinder and thanks again for your company.

    Regards Shane


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    Thanks for replying Noisette, I looked on Google maps for your location you hit lucky not getting the sand,I even had to wash the car and don't worry no one blames you :-)

    Regards Shane


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    Great report and photos from the both of you Shane and TJ. It looks like a really nice reserve with a good variety of birds and animals. It was good to see the photos of the Deer as I only ever see Roe Deer around here.


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    Thank you, Paul, Bob and Birdie Wild.

    Regards Shane


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    Glad you guys had a good day - some lovely photos there. Hope that the Adders and Nightingales play ball next time!

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    Cheers M, sorry you could not make it this time maybe you will be free when I next visit hopefully at the same time as TJ?

    Regards Shane


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