Most people know that an easy way to attract birds to your garden is to put out some food. But have you thought about other ways to make your outside space more bird-friendly?

To create a true bird paradise, you have to play the long game. We’re talking about planning and planting trees, shrubs and plants that will harbour all sorts of wildlife. Some birds will be happy to munch on seeds, nuts and fat that you give them, but some only eat insects. And they all need places to nest, hide and forage.

If you think it sounds complicated, it doesn’t have to be. Check out our ways to give nature a home in your garden – no matter how much space you have, there are things you can do. It’s the perfect time of year to plan a little project.

Birds also need to drink regularly and most like to bathe every day, even when it’s cold outside. A bird bath is good, but a pond is even better and provides refreshment and homes for all sorts of creatures. It’s not as difficult as you think!

While hedges, trees and shrubs provide ideal nesting places for lots of species, some have more specialist requirements. You can help birds that like to nest in holes by providing a nestbox. Buy one from our shop or find out how to build your own.