The 2018 Big Garden Birdwatch is coming soon, from 27-29 January. To help you out, we’ve selected our top 5 tips to make it an hour to remember…

1. Be prepared

The Birdwatch isn’t a competition, and whether you see hundreds of birds or even none at all, we’d like to hear from you. But still, it’s far more fun when some birds show themselves.
So why not do a little homework before the big day, and prep your outside space to encourage them in? Offer food and water, and don’t forget you can get 20% discount at the RSPB shop plus free delivery when you register to take part from 13 December! Not sure what food to put out? Don't worry, we've got you covered with our handy bird food guide. 

2. Start early

In January, the nights are long and birds have less time to forage for food. That means that they’re hungry and need to pack in as much energy as possible, as soon as they can after waking up. So if you do your Big Garden Birdwatch earlier in the day, you’ll probably see more activity.

3. Get comfy

You can do your Birdwatch anytime over 27-29 January. Choose a setting that suits you, and you don’t need a garden. Your local park would be perfect, or how about watching from your favourite café window? We’d recommend a nice cuppa and your favourite biscuit too.

4. Use the website

To make counting during your Birdwatch hour easier, you can use our website to keep track of the time and record how many birds you’ve seen. It makes submitting your results easy-peasy.

5. Share the experience

Gather round friends and family to join in, and check what’s happening on social media using #BigGardenBirdwatch. It’s great to feel part of something really big!

Remember - register for Big Garden Birdwatch from 13 December for your free pack and to make taking part even easier.