The colder weather can make the outdoors a less appealing place to be, but the wellington boot is a vital ally in the autumn.

Here are a few imaginative uses for the humble welly...

1) Take a welly wander

Family walking Image credit Andy Hay

OK you've probably done this one, but it's worth remembering how much freedom wellies can give you. Explore some muddy tracks and keep an eye out for footprints left by animals. 

2) Bootprint garden 

Muddy boots Image credit Andy Hay

Scrape the mud from your boots after a walk, pack it into a seed tray with some compost and water, keep it somewhere light and warm and see what grows!

3) Try kick-sampling 

Stream dipping Image credit Andy Hay

Wade into a shallow stream with a net. Facing downstream with your net against the stream bed, scuff your wellies and see what catches in the net. Investigate and release.

4) Make a retired welly garden

Old wellies used as planters Image credit Andy Hay

Damaged wellies make great flower pots, fill the feet with stones and the legs with compost. Plant something that bees or butterflies will love when the spring rolls around.

5) Jump in puddles or waves

Jumping in puddles Image credit Andy Hay

Any Pepper Pig fans are probably veterans at this one. Wellies make chasing in and out of shallow waves fun even in the cold. Filled your boots? Stuff wet wellies with newspaper and leave overnight somewhere warm. 

6) Wang your welly

Kids throwing wellies Image credit Andy Hay

Have a boot chucking contest with your friends or family. Timing the underarm swing for a perfect release takes practice. How far can you wang yours? 

This article is taken from the autumn issue of our Nature's Home magazine