This guest post comes from a Katie Eccles, a Visual Communication student whose work was inspired by our Giving Nature a Home campaign. Entirely off her own back, she has created a mini-campaign and it's wonderful to find out that its inspiration came from the RSPB. 

Since being a little girl, I have spent endless hours playing over the fields with my friends and family. We would make bird boxes and bee houses which I still have to this day! We would explore until the sun went down trying to see what creatures and secret hiding places we could find. I will always cherish these fond memories the outdoors has given me and value how it has shaped who I am today.

The RSPB’s ‘Giving Nature a Home’ campaign has reignited my passion for homing wildlife in recent years. The tailor made advice the campaign gives on how to home wildlife, according to the amount of outdoor space you have is a wonderful idea. And with so many young people seemingly disconnecting from the outdoors in favour of modern technology such as phones and tablets, it’s a great way to engage a new generation.

Join hands with nature

As a student studying Visual Communication at Birmingham University, I have been able to use my skills as a designer to inspire people to give nature a hand. A university project to raise awareness for a not-for-profit organisation provided me with the perfect opportunity to create my RSPB-inspired ‘Join hands with nature’ campaign.

Using my two passions for nature and graphic design and photography, I created a concept for a campaign aimed at getting the public outdoors and helping nature. ‘Join hands with nature’ reflects the loving image of being at one with what the outdoors has to offer. The accompanying hashtag, #muddyhands, aims to develop engagement through social media and inspire people to go out, get dirty, and come back exhilarated from their adventures!

Please take a look at the promotional materials for the campaign here:

The start of my journey

The campaign was inspired by the RSPB and their work and the charity provided me with encouragement and support during the planning and making of it. I will certainly be keeping my passion for nature alive and will continue to raise public awareness of nature and looking after our environment. Whether young or old, use your voice to inspire more people to value and care for nature.

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