Splendid sunrises, torchlit safaris, midnight feasts... Last weekend (29-31 July) the nation embarked on a nocturnal adventure to discover the secrets of night-time nature as part of the RSPB’s Big Wild Sleepout.

By camping on a reserve, in the garden – or even on balconies, in some cases – families took a break from their daily routine and swapped screen time for wild time, with some fantastic results.

We loved seeing your tweets and Facebook posts: here are a few of our favourites. Thanks for sending them in, and for taking part. Until next year!

Two night owls...

The bunting definitely makes this 'glamping', right?

An interpretation of our 'fruity badger' recipe... We're very much on board with anteaters, too!

Because no camping trip is complete without toasting marshmallows over an open fire. Mmmm...

Running 'hammock' at RSPB Farnham Heath.

This super shot of the International Space Station was taken by Wildlife Gadget Man during his Sleepout in Nacton, Suffolk.

... And Andy Tay photographed this wonderful 'blood moon'.

Big Wild Sleepout is a great time to see these garden favourites - this hedgehog pic was shared by Kirsty Teresa Day on Facebook.

Meanwhile this cheeky vole made it into Emily Fensom's tent!

Making friends with moths at Rainham Marshes.

And finally, what about this for a view to wake up to?

Did you take part in Big Wild Sleepout? Let us know here, and you'll be able to take our fun 'Night time alter-ego' quiz!