How do you like your winters?

As a kid I enjoyed an overcast blustery winter as it meant I could watch more TV and play more computer games. But then again, when I was finally forced outside there was no doubt I felt better for it. It's always good to blow out the cobwebs and you never know what you might see. 

To give you a flavour of these two different winters we've made some contrasting videos of winter wildlife.

Snow, wind and ice make things especially hard if you need to hunt from the air (like the barn owl) or search for food on the floor of a lake or river...

Some berries can hang around into the new year. If you're lucky you might catch sight of a beautiful Scandinavian visitor, the waxwing... 

Whether the weather forces you inside to observe wildlife through the window, or lets you out for a stroll, remember the animals out there braving the elements over Christmas. 

Make a Christmas treat for birds.