Well done to everyone who took part in Wild Challenge through April.

We've loved seeing all the pictures you've sent in on your way to achieving bronze, silver and gold. Here are just a couple:

The Thompson family's hedgehog cafe in Aberdeenshire

Rockpooling with the Davies family in Pembrokeshire

While hundreds of you have taken part, reaching an award level requires a real wild explorer. 

Of those who reached an award over April we picked 16 at random. These are the lucky winners:

Smaller prize winners by group name:

The Thomson family from Aberdeenshire
The Hunter family from Derbyshire
Jasper from Devon
The Draper Family from Windsor 
The Skye's family from Humberside
The Davies family from Dyfed
The family Play Days from East Sussex
Dakota's Challenge from Northhumberland
Team Muirhead from Aberdeenshire
The Barry Family from Kent
The Jones Family from Aberdeenshire
The Griffith family from Clwyd
The Swann family from Suffolk
Our bubble from Manchester
The Greenslade's from Doncaster

The one big prize goes to:

The Odd Sprogs from Surry

If you've yet to get involved you can still earn your personalised certificate and stickers for free, by signing up at rspb.org.uk/wildchallenge