Now we're in July you have permission to get that summer holiday feeling, even if the weather is a bit hit-or-miss.

For those of you in or near Birmingham here is a list of dates when we'll be visiting parks in your area: 

Saturday 9 July Sutton Park

Sunday 10 July Sutton Park

Saturday 16 July Cannon Hill Park

Sunday 17July  Cannon Hill Park

Saturday 30 July Cannon Hill

Sunday 31 July Cannon Hill/Sutton Park

Sunday 7 August Edgbaston Reservoir

Wednesday 10 August Woodgate Valley Country Park

Thursday 11 August Cannon Hill

Friday 12 August Lickey Hills Country Park

Wednesday 17 Shire Country Park

Thursday 18 August Sutton Park 

Saturday 20 August Cannon Hill Park

Sunday 21 August  Cannon Hill Park

Wednesday 24 August Woodgate Valley County Park

Saturday 27 August  Cannon Hill Park

Sunday 28 August Cannon Hill Park

Monday 29 August Sutton Park

Wednesday 31 August Woodgate Valley Country Park

If you need to find us, keep an eye out for the RSPB flags. 

To find out more about the overall project we're running with Aldi in 15 cities across Britain please visit

Or see our full list of events to date.