Add an extra dimension to a woodland wander, and get suitably sidetracked with these fun forest-based activities... 

1. Make a sticky stick

Wind some sticky tape round a stick, tacky side outwards. fix things to it that catch your eye; lichens, feathers, petals, seeds.

2. Lay a trail through the woods

For someone to follow. Make arrows with sticks and leaves, or stick them to a tree with mud.

3. Make a forest crown

Weave a bendy bough (ash, willow, hazel) into a secure ring and wrap ivy or wild clematis around it. Decorate with leaves, flowers and feathers.

4. Make a hobbit, fairy or mouse garden

Sweep a path around the inlet of tree roots, make a garden Palisade and stick door for the hole.


5. Play Capture the Flag

Two teams, their territories, one jail and a stick-flag in each.Steal each other's flag and bring it home to your patch. Prison if you're caught!

6. Wood archery

Fashion a bow from a finger-thick bendy branch. Cut notches in each end and string your bow. Whittle some arrows and fire at a mud target. 

These ideas and pictures are an extract from our quarterly membership magazine Nature's Home.