Springwatch at Ynys-Hir

Will Springwatch be returning to Ynys-Hir in 2014.



  • Hello,

    Unfortunately not, which is a shame, but we did have three good years of them being here.



  • In reply to David Anning:

    It really is a shame, we had finally managed to get the same time off and planned a visit (whole week's  worth of daily visit) for the first time  during springwatch. Ynys-hir is my favorite place in the whole uk. Maybe 2015.....she says hopefully .

  • In reply to Jay:

    OK, it's rather selfish of me I know but the fewer people who visit the more I enjoy my own visits there! You're right Jay, magical place

  • In reply to Steve Clarke:

    Don't think it's selfish Steve, more a need to make sure it stays special both for people and mostly the wildlife. Too many people tramping around and more important not keeping to paths wouldn't be good for it at all.