A scattering of interesting sightings over the past few weeks, including an unconfirmed report of a great grey shrike near Domen Las, flyover crossbills near the visitor centre on the 2nd, and a brambling on the 7th near the feeders.  Of particular note, lesser spotted woodpecker activity appears to have increased recently, and it is definitely worth keeping an eye out for them calling, drumming, and busily foraging, especially around the crossroads that form the junction of the red, blue, and green routes, as well as Marian Mawr woods.  Lesser spots have undergone widespread decline throughout Europe since the 1980s, for reasons that aren't entirely clear, so it is encouraging to have them on the reserve.

Lesser spotted woodpecker, Dryobates minor (Tom Kistruck)

If you visit Ynys-hir between now and the 14th, you will likely be witness to a seasonal outpouring of affection. Once again, the RSPB is joining forces with the Climate Coalition for the Show the Love campaign, raising awareness about the effects of climate change, and you can show your support by wearing a green heart (readily available at Ynys-hir, we even have the materials to knit your own!), and take a picture of yourself to share at #ShowTheLove. We have also re-purposed our exhibits wall for you to fill in a green heart with an aspect of the natural world you want to show the love for in the face of climate change. If you come on Saturday 11th, members of the local WI (who are national partners in this campaign) will be at the visitor centre making their own contributions.

Finishing on a fungal note, below is a photo of a stunning specimen of Terana caerula, or cobalt crust fungus, taken by a visitor near the dipping pond, and recently posted on our Facebook page. It's too good not to reshare. 

Cobalt crust fungus, Terana caerula (Willow Allen)


Until next time...