This weekend (25th-27th January 2020) is the annual RSPB's Big Garden BirdWatch. Now in it's 41st year with over a million people taking part in it last year.

The Big Garden Bird Watch gives an annual snapshot of the birds in our gardens and community greenspaces, there has been some striking changes over the years. While sightings of blue titst have increased by 68% since the first Birdwatch back in 1979, starling numbers are down by 80% and song thrushes down by 76%.

For the last couple of years we have been asking you not just about the birds in your garden but also about the other wildlfe too.Do you ever see hedhogs, moles or slow worms? What about toads, stag beetles or grass sankes?

There is more information on how to get involed on the website and also useful tips on how to encourage more wildlife into your gardens too. Whatever the weather this weekend remember to get counting and send us your results.