Red Mullet

I was up at Radipole Lake yesterday, leaning on a fence looking at the water, when I noticed there are numerous pretty large fish swimming close to the surface presumably soaking up the sun. A passer-by mentioned that they were Mullet. Red Mullet I think he said. Anyone else noticed or know anything about these ? Do they turn up every year - there all the time ? And do they normally get this big ?

  • It would be interesting to know what fish are present at Radipole and Lodmoor and how they get in there and what the RSPB policy is for stocking the lake.  It seems a popular water to fish so must be plenty of different varieties.  Big Mullet are in abundance in the inner harbour so maybe the very young can squeeze through the sluice gates at high tide?

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    Hey Both. Your fish certainly could have been Mullet though they would be Grey Mullet. They are normally associated with salt water or brackish but they can survive in freshwater as they do at Radipole. They get in on high tides when there is a small gap in the sluice at Westham bridge near Weymouth marina and I guess most don't get out again.

    We've got quite a range of fish species at Radipole though we don't stock anything. However, the carp in the lake must have appeared there by us humans but I believe before the RSPB's time. It's a great time of year to come down and check out the fish


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    Thanks for the info Luke. It is indeed a good time to see the fish in this hot sun, as they all seem to be basking in it just below, or in some cases at, the surface of the water.

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    They are more likely to be Carp as I have often seen them from the bridge.