It's been a spooky week at the Radipole Lake as all things Halloween were celebrated during the Autumn half term.  Children (and adults of course!) have been encouraged to hunt around the Centre to find hidden eight Spiders and eight Bats and learn interesting fun facts about these sometimes maligned creatures.  

Recent Bird Sightings

On 19th October some people were lucky enough to see a Short Eared Owl pass over the Discovery Centre and over the car park.  A Sandwich Tern was see on Lodmoor on 20th October, with 5 Grey Plovers seen the next day. There have been frequent sightings of Bitterns, Great White Egrets and Kingfishers on both reserves.  On 26th October a Yellow Legged Gull was seen at Radipole Lake and the last record to date of Red Admiral and Peacock Butterflies on the wing.

On Tuesday 29th October, a Knot was seen at Radipole Lake.  A common wader but a rare visitor to this reserve. The next day 86 Lapwings were counted.  Over on Lodmoor on 31st October an Avocet was noted.

With recent rains the water levels have been much higher than usual around the reserve in turn the numbers of waders seen has been lower than normal.

The hedgerows around Radipole Lake have turned very autumnal now with many shades of yellows, oranges and reds.  Many of the wildflowers have gone over but there are still plants sporadically blooming along the paths.  This time of year the Ivy is in full flowering attracting the Ivy Bee and birds will welcome the fruit in the depths of Winter.  This morning walk found 17 plants in flower.  Michaelmas Daisies, Bristly Ox-Tongue, Common Comfrey, Yarrow are the more common expected to still be in bloom this time of year.  The Winter Heliotrope leaves have appeared but will flower later on this month.  Other Summer flowers sill on the reserve are the Water Forget-Me-Knot, Water Chickweed, Wild Carrot, Hedge Parsley and Common Mouse-Ear. In some places on the reserve, paths are covered with fallen Hawthorn leaves.

Hawthorn Leaves

The most surprising plant in flower was a Sweet Violet, one bloom among a sea of green leaves.  Another plant still in flower was a single Self Heal by the river on the way to the Viewing Screen.

For all the latest sightings, contact Radipole Lake Discovery Centre, details below or pop in and see us.  Hot and cold refreshments and snacks available.

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