A few weeks ago, Kate Wyatt, wildlife artist, shared some of her amazing sketches of RSPB Radipole's beautiful wildlife, on our Facebook page. We were wowed by her work and so thrilled that the Weymouth Wetlands had proved such an inspiration. We asked Kate if she would write a piece about her work and if we could share it with all of you, thankfully she agreed! So here's what Kate said....

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I spent my childhood and younger years around the tiny rivulets which flow into RSPB Radipole Lake, fishing for minnows and frog spawn. And to get into Weymouth my Mother and I always walked via RSPB Radipole, later I spent many teenage nights walking home that way in the dark with friends - always an adventure! All the time I was doing this I realised that I was watching the wildlife of this area, and in particular the swans and their young. The parents used to hiss at us and scare us...all the usual 'beliefs' about swans came to mind. The cormorants seemed to have a similarity to dragons for me as a youngster, standing and drying their wings and mallards are always fun to feed. As a child I also I learned not to pick the gorse! 


(Above. Photo 1: Cormorant sketch, RSPB Radipole. Photo 2: Crows, RSPB Radipole. Photo3: Cormorant, RSPB Radipole. All by Kate Wyatt)

It's always wonderful to return to my parents who live on Portland and to visit RSPB Radipole with my husband, also a wildlife artist, just to watch, draw, absorb and enjoy the fantastic wildlife this reserve has to offer. Time really does stop still once I am working and I am amazed at how quickly the hours disappear. I have been known to continue working outside even when it is quite dark because you never know what might turn up at this time.

Early on in the year we visited RSPB Arne which had a great hide from which it was possible to observe the bird life and the wonderful landscape, I was lucky enough to see some shelducks which I was thrilled to be able to draw and to put down some notes about the local habitat, always an important factor for my own information later.
My passion for drawing, painting and watching birds is growing fast. I also have a great passion for the brown hare and most people know me for both my drawings and paintings of this most magical creature. With the drawings of the cormorant, shelduck and coot, it was a wonderful early summer's day at RSPB Radipole, and it was such a beautiful scene I just had to draw it, I am in the process of working towards the final piece which always takes time. I would like to say a huge thanks to the RSPB and the wardens of each reserve, for all the work involved in keeping these beautiful places available to everyone to enjoy.

More about Kate... I grew up in Dorset and went to school in Somerset. During my childhood I spent many hours outside enjoying the countryside and all it offered, this developed into a passion for drawing what I saw. I work from life as much as possible outside, though I admit to giving up once my fingers are too frozen to work, often returning home with work which the weather helped me with! For me doing direct observational work gives me a fantastic insight into the wildlife which I enjoy drawing and painting, I always feel much more alive and tuned into Britain's wonderful wild life.
I went to Bournemouth and Poole College of Art to do my Foundation Year and later to Art School in London where I gained a BA in Fine Art. I also enjoyed the workshops offered by the Prince’s Drawing School as one of the purposes of the school is to draw from life whenever possible, nothing could prove more valuable for a British wildlife artist or indeed for any artist depicting reality. Over the past 10 years I have become known as one of Britain’s most popular wildlife artists with my work held in many collection throughout the world selling both at exhibitions and through my website www.katewyattartist.co.uk
 Kate Wyatt© asserts her rights both copyright and moral to be recognised for all images and write up and is pleased to share them with the RSPB South West solely for their page on Facebook.