Lesser CelandineSpring is making its way across our reserves.  The Lesser Celandine is now in bloom by the riverside path to the Viewing Shelter, it's bright yellow daisy flowers peeping out from the grass and sedge.  The Blackthorn is just starting to burst forth in the hedgerows, White Violets have begun to appear on the Buddleia Loop, scattered on the path with the Scented Violets.  Read Dead-Nettle is blooming in earnest, the Alexanders are coming into flower now and even a Cow Parsley is valiantly trying to bloom early.

The male Penduline Tit is still being reported at Lodmoor along with the Lesser Yellowlegs and Ruff.  The Ring Neck Duck is still about on Radipole Lake in its usual place.  Marsh Harriers are being seen daily now and a Spoonbill has spent the past several days over on Lodmoor. A Bittern was heard booming at dusk at Lodmoor on 24th February and there was a brief sighting of a Glossy Ibis on 25th February.

Penduline Tit

Photo Credit: Penduline Tit - Edmund Mackrill

Fire Damage VandalismSadly in the evening of 24th February, members of the public had to call the local fire brigade as one of our birdwatching platforms, between the Discover Centre and Buddleia Loop, was on ablaze.  The platform seating area and surrounding reeds have been badly damaged.  The area has been cordoned off and is out of action to the public for the time being.

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