Wallasea Island footpaths

Please can anyone tell me if the new path across the island is open yet?
  • Yes the footpath along the new seawall is open.  It is named the Jubilee Marsh trail and runs for about 1.5km down to the south of Wallasea Island.  There is a shelter at the end and to reach this from the car park it is about 3.5km from the car park.

    As it is new the grass hasn't fully covered the surface and it is wet in places.  If we feel that because of this the footpath is deteriorating we will shut it until dryer weather but at the moment it is just about holding up.

    Enjoy your walk when you visit!

  • In reply to RFancy:

    I finally got to walk this path today. Very cold wind but not too muddy. It is an interesting route and the shelter at the end by the river is very welcome. The provision of regular seats along the way is also very welcome, when it is warm enough to sit!

    Will there be any other paths opening? for example, the one that forks right a little way onto the Jubilee Marsh Trail and goes over the sluice?

  • In reply to john c:

    This is the link to a map of the reserve as it should be in a few years time: www.rspb.org.uk/.../wallaseaisland_tcm9-367203.pdf

    There are plans for several other paths including, it appears, the one you mention. The 'Wild Coast Project' is a long term plan and isn't due for completion until 2015 so it may be sometime until it looks like the map.

  • In reply to john c:

    Glad you appreciated the seats and shelter!

    The next path we are planning to open will be around the lagoon which you can see has been dug to your right not long after you leave the car park.  The lagoon and ditch network have been dug but they haven't yet been linked to the sea.  The work for this will be happening this spring and summer.  Once this work has finished and the area is made good for visitors, we can open this trail.  There will be a shorter trail which will pass by the eastern edge of the new lagoon and a longer circular trail around the grazing marsh as well.