Several Bit Strange but Curious things wanna to ask?

Hiya guys, I have just recently been to Wallasea Island, as an architectural student, I was really fascinated by the surroundings. However, I may not show same opinions with naturalist, but anyway, during my visit, I could detect constant but irregular bombing voice from far south, which seems quite surreal at first time in the nature reserve, which people rumoured there is a military base continuously experimenting some kind of weapon... On the other hand, in terms of the closeness of Southend Airport, I often perceived a juxtaposition between geese flying sound and machine engine above your head. Basically, if true, what do you make of those, how do you guys think of airport noise and bombing sound... Is is really affecting the behaviour of birds and other creatures. Architecturally, I just purely think the geographical character of Wallasea Island is simply really experimental, the surrounding situation in terms of social, environmental which is quite a collage of accidental parallel between human activity, project intention and other creatures. I really wanna you guys opinions... Thanks very much!