It has been great the last few weeks to see how the newly-created landscape looks now the water has come in with tide.  This weekend we will see the tide enter some of the lagoons that haven't yet filled with water.  Some of the low lying lagoons have filled already like the picture below shows but those higher and nearer to the sea wall remain dry.

On Saturday11th July the diggers took 3 sections of the old sea wall away and this has allowed the sea in.  We will over the next few days see how the area looks now we are getting some higher spring tides. 

The 11th July was a great day for everyone involved and many people came to watch the diggers at work and water coming in.  This is the culmination of Crossrail’s work on Wallasea Island, forming the new landscape and creating a new seawall.  Soil from tunnel and station shaft excavations has been brought to Wallasea Island over the last 3 years in over 1500 ship journeys. 

As high tide receded the diggers were at work lowering the sea wall and excavating the central channel.  They were just finishing their work at the end of the afternoon when the water came back through.  Barring the 1953 floods, sea water had not been on Wallasea for the last 400 years!