Spring has definitely arrived at Wallasea Island.  Skylarks are singing and peacock butterflies are flying.  The warm weather is encouraging hibernating animals to venture out, flowers to appear and insects to fly.

The better weather is also meaning that work is now continuing apace with our re-creation of Essex coast on the eastern part of Wallasea Island.  Crossrail has now imported over 1.5 million tonnes of soil which is being used to form lagoons and islands, saltmarsh and mudflats once this area is breached in 2016.

Now the ground is drying out, work will continue to create our grazing marsh and lagoons at the western part of the island.  These will eventually be brackish and saline lagoons – there is little freshwater on the island - and will give visitors great views of carpets of saltmarsh flowers and birds using the mud to feed.  We can’t wait for this part of the work to be finished!

corn bunting by David Lee

The spring crop is being planted in the farmland bird cover at the western end of Wallasea Island.  This is a mix of seeds designed to attract farmland birds such as corn bunting and skylark.  Flower rich margins are being replanted along the field boundaries.  These need to be replanted every few years to retain a high number of flowers good for bees and butterflies.

Volunteers have been doing some great work, clearing the sea walls of litter, fixing fences and helping our habitat creation work.

Rachel Fancy - Warden, Wallasea Island & Foulness